Bishop’s Pen ~ Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon

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The God whom we serve is so merciful and compassionate.  We receive so much from Him in return of so little. I have once again  been the beneficiary of His good.

It has been a little while since penning thoughts and events to my readers. Well, one reason, I have been traveling around the country. Therefore I will divide my comments into two parts.

Once again, I have been blessed to revisit the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon in Arizona. This engineering design is still today a magnificent wonder. Considering this dam was built in the last 1920s and early 1930s, it stands as one of man’s greatest designs. 

I continue traveling to the Grand Canyon, truly a testimony to God’s handiwork. There are various thoughts on how this Grand Canyon came into existence. As I listen to the guide, only one conclusion was apparent to me; The Hand of God! Over 200 miles wide, 18 miles long; over 1 mile deep. Standing there amazed at such grandeur leaves you breathless. I will let to your own conclusion this spectacular sight. I close by saying, in everyone’s life time a pilgrimage should be made to this location.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.