“Bitter Sweet Position”


“Boys To Men” sing a song that included these words… “How do I say good-bye to what we had“…. Saying good-bye can be very difficult to the point of feeling it’s impossible. This is especially true with love ones. Our thought this week is just that… Jesus is now ready to depart presence on earth to return to the Father in heaven.

But, before He leaves, he asked Peter a straight forward question. “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?” Jesus asks this question in the presence of the other disciples. Remember, Peter boasted that he would remain loyal and never deny Jesus, but he did deny Jesus three times. Christ is unwilling to entrust His little ones to anyone who does not love Him.

Jesus response was “Feed my lambs.” Again the question is asked by Jesus with a response “Feed my sheep.” A third time the question is asked of Peter. Peter is now grieved over the repeated question and he response “Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” The three fold question may have been asked to refer to the threefold denial by Peter.

Jesus needs to hear from Peter where he stand for feeding sheep literally means shepherd my sheep. Jesus was preparing Peter to assume the pastoral office. Christ’s coming was to reconcile heaven and earth. He now has finished His work on earth and prepares to return to heaven to reside and negotiate our affairs with the Father in heaven.

Jesus ascends from Bethany that had the adjoining Mount of Olives and the disciples will now be witnesses of His ascension. The disciples were not presence at His resurrection from the sepulcher, but now have a ring side seat at this miraculous display of power. Talk about a class departure!

The Bible says, “Jesus lifted up His hands and blessed them”. While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven.”

Christ now sends His apostles to preach His gospel to the world, and gives them His blessing, not for them only, but to be conferred in His name upon all that should believe on Him through His word.

The blessing is continuous, forever and ever. If the current condition of your life feels the heavy weight of despair. I offer this word of comfort; Jesus is still sending his blessings to all. You may not see it, not even feel it, but hold out; a change is coming. He stands right now as Intercessor on our behalf. The lost is only for a moment; just know that we have eternal insight and a welcome mat out for us!

My Prayer:
Father, send your blessings and surround each individual who feel abandoned and alone. Allow your mercy to flow like rivers of fresh water in their lives. Your Power can keep, protect and provide even in the worst situations. I believe it; I know it; for I only have to look at myself….Amen…

The Bishop