“Use Your Time Wisely”


This is an exciting time for our church. History tells of the church being the center of all community activities. The advancement in technology has made unbelievable progress. Unfortunately, the church has had to either work hard to keep up with this progress or just be left behind.

I very happy to say, “Antioch Christian Tabernacle will not be left behind.” The faithful servants who stand in the gap preaching the Word of God work diligently each week to present a message from God. The decease in listeners is not that the Word is reverent, but that the younger generations are not fully exposed.

The generation of those under 30 years of age are engulfed in the 21st century technology. I intend to join this movement to share a view point that might be getting lost to this generation. We are in our final stages of releasing our new website. It will provide an inspirational message along in praying for the needs of others. I invite you to join me and the church in this exciting adventure.