“Empty Handed?”


Week of April 20th– Empty Handed?

I have a great concern today with the increased violence we are witnessing. Just over the weekend in NYC alone, there were over ten killings. The increase deterioration on life and the value of life is at an alarming proportion.

My Bible tells me, that God is the Giver of Life. The taking of another person life needs to be considered in view of this fact. Young people dying in our streets, what does the future hold for us and our communities?

God sent His Son Jesus, to die for the sins of humanity. One of the problems is the disproportion of economics among people. The Tyler Perry series may give an extreme view of “The Haves and the Have Not”, but in actuality the perception is real. Why the many attacks on individuals who are elderly with the motive of stealing, maiming, or killing those who appear “to have” against their “have not;” too need; not to have; too want; not to have.

The fact, you nor I determine the setting we enter into this life. But you and I can decide to make life conditions better.

The post-resurrection appearance of Jesus shifts from Jerusalem to Galilee. He is standing on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias (also called Sea of Galilee). At the statement of Peter to go fishing, the entire group also went.

Peter’s life vocation was a fisherman, but after fishing all night he returned empty handed along with the disciples. He did not recognize the man was Jesus who calls out to him and then directs him to turn around go back and this time “cast your net on the right side of the boat.”

Understand Peter could have:

  • Argued the fact he is well acknowledgeable about fishing
  • Said, Mine your own business”
  • Said, “No”

But he didn’t, is attitude was an open mind, humble, diligent, obedient and patient.

Jesus said, John 14:16 “I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.

What I see is God’s:

  • Miracle
  • Mercy
  • Mystery

Jesus showed that he is raised in power and that all things were put under His feet (including the fishes). After ingenuity and abilities failed, the power of Christ came in for their relief. These fishermen were fishing for fish, now the transition of fishing for fish to fishing for men.

Upon their return they caught 153 fishes so much that the net should have torn, but God was in the midst. They realized that the man was Jesus. One of the many names referring to God is “Jehovah-jireh” (The Lord will provide).

This is the third time Jesus reveals Himself to His disciples after His resurrection. If your hands are empty, my recommendation, look at your position, is your mind open, humble, diligent, obedient and patient? YOU TOO CAN COME WITH YOUR NET FULL!


Father, I submit to your will. Lead me, and guide my footsteps. I have struggle and even fallen at times, but Your Promise to have the Comforter with me every step of the way is my reassurance. Help me to see the way clearly and that others may know my Jehovah-jireh.