“Be Determined”


From Bishop’s Desk

Even though this weekend celebrates the beginning of Spring, the weather again provided a wintery flurries of white substances called snow. This winter has brought the cries of “enough” with the hope of a fresh break known as Spring.

Spring is here and also one of the sacred periods in the Christian calendar. We stand one week from “The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.”

The weather will change and the hope that the atmosphere for greater tolerance and respect for humanity.

I believe we are living in very troubling times. Just look around and evidence is all around us. The social fabric of our society is so strained that the threads of common decency is slipping apart.

I feel a greater manifestation of the Lord’s presence within and among His creation is needed more today than ever before.

Many seek and search looking for answers in all directions with individuals running on empty.

The determination to believe!
Strongholds are Coming Down….
Walls are Crumbling…
Chains are Breaking….

The determination to believe!
God isn’t finished with you! Your best days have yet to be lived! God has a purpose for your life!

God didn’t rescue you from your past and put you on the road to destiny only to see you run out of gas a few miles short of His best. So fill up your tank . . . rev up your engine. Your latter days shall be greater than your former days! When you walk with the Lord, your life is a crescendo!

In this Lent Season, Lord help us through the sacrifices and struggles that are set before us. Please strengthen our resolve and provide the light on our pathway showing us the direction to travel. Father, we come and before You with this petition. We come as clay before the Potter. We are in special need of Your grace and mercy. Fill our cups that it over flow.

A.C. Alston